hey guys, on the 2011 quake i wanna say i hope everyone is alright! also is anyone actually coming back to redcliffs?? anyway hope u r all safe and preferably not in Chch!
-adhippey xoxo =]

hi adhippy i do want 2 come back 2 redcliffs as i want 2 spend year8 in redcliffs not in another skwl!
yey so hope 2 see u soon in skwl cheers EMmtm x0x0x=]

I hope you and your family have come through the earthquake ok.

Recount your experience of Saturday 4th September's earthquake below. What did you notice first? How did you react? How did you feel? What were you worried about? Did the TV survive? Important things like that ...

hey guys
i've got an idea, it would be cool if everyone could right their own little story of their experience with the earthquake, and we could put them all together and make a little book back at school, tell me what you think?
-cool idea! ADhippey
-good thinking.niamh
-Brilliant Idea.MrE

i slept through it! jokes. hey guys hope everyone is o.k after the massive 7.1 quake !!! i was sooooo scared! firstly i heard a massive bang, i thought it was the wind but then the house started shaking and did not stop for ages, it threw me out of my bed. my dog was sooooooooo scared even during the after shocks he starts panting like mad ! luckily not much in our house fell of the walls or broke, but behind my house is a massive clay/dirt/mud wall and some of that fell down and smashed my Dad's back car window, lucky we are still all alive =D

PPineapplelove (Pia)

about thirty seconds before the quake started, my cat suddenly ran off my bed and outside. that is when it happened. at first i thought it was the wind, my blinds were shaking rapidly and my bed literally shifted around my room, I thought a freight train had run through my room. I tried to ignore it, but then my mind clicked into reality. . .my first thought was "quick! get under the door way!" about twenty seconds later my Mum and Dad came running down the hall screaming "get your coats and slippers on!!!" our first intention was get out the house, (because we live next to the ocean!) in case of a tsunami. we left within two minutes and went straight to my grandparents house. we later returned to our torn up street, with cracks as wide as half a meter.

......Earth quake!...... 4th September 2010
The first thing I remember is waking up and hearing a noise like an airplane taking off,
at first I thought it was a car, but then the whole house started shaking wildly,doors we
swinging and books were falling off shelves.I heard my parents shouting, "earth quake,earth quake!"
When the first quake had died down,we all huddled in doorways, fearfull of what was to come.
Then the after shocks started,large at first, then getting smaller.for almost an hour we sat there,
and all the time I was thinking about my family in the city,were they ok ? Had their houses stood the
strain? Once we felt that it was safe to come out from under the doorways,we dragged all our beding
into one room and attempted to get some sleep,but then the after shooks started up again!
At around 6.15, we couldn't stand it any longer, so we went up stairs and attempted to call our
family, of course we couldn't get through to them because all the power was out in the city.
thank fully we still had power, but just in case, we brought the torches up from down stairs.
The first thing my brother did was run and see if the TV and computer were ok, they were,
luckily my books were as well.

It was this endless scream of shattering glass and plates throughout the house.
we ended up watching the Movie The notebook,because we could not get back to sleep, very sad.

........::::||EARTH QUAKE||::::........

I woke up and looked around, my head hit the pillow and i tried to go back to sleep.
A few seconds later a huge gust of wind struck the house with enormous force, or was it a
huge gust of wind? Suddenly the house started to rattle then it started to shake uncontrollably.
I jumped out of my bunk and clambered under it. 20 seconds later mum ran in and got
under my bunk too. We sat there waiting for it to stop. Later we walked around the house, amazingly
only 2 cups and a vase broke. Our computer fell over but it was fine and our piano moved a foot and a half.


The earthquake was very very scary. It woke me up.We went out side to check on the neighbors. My friend Kelly
came out to see if we were ok.It was very very very freaky.


my dog was acting really strange that evening because he was barking in his sleep. it woke me up a couple of times during the night. then at 4.30 the house started shaking and i was very disorientated because i thought that i was still sleeping, i sat up in bed and about 20 seconds later it registered in my head that we were having an earthquake. luckily i was sleeping on the bottom of my bunk bed and i grabbed my dog and waited it out. my stepsister in the next room was screaming her head off ...lol. when it finished everyone in the house was walking around and shouting. i was too scared to get off the safety of my bunk bed but dad came in and pulled me off. in my dads room he has a four poster and on top of the four posters is solid wood so everyone sat in my dads bed. all six of us plus the cat and the dog. the dog was really relaxed and only pricked his ears up when the aftershocks started coming. he was very calm and he acted like this was "all part of the plan". the cat was completely mental, enough said. nothing important broken but will need to take our chimney off, all good (-:
aftershocks are really annoying/ completely freaky. but we get time off school .... yay! sorry Mr E

earth quake!!!

4:35 4th september 2010

i wook up to a violent thundering nosie that was rattling my room, at first i thought it was a really strong storm, but then i heard my dad scream 'EARTHQUAKE, EARTHQUAKE' iT took me a while to really grasp the situation, however i instatly jumped out of bed and ran to the doorway stubbing my toe on a fullen book as i went, me and my family huddled under our bedroom doorways listening in fright as the earth quake violently shook our home. once the quake died down we all retreated downstairs and tried to turn on the lights, but obviously no power, so my dad went to retrieve the candles, whilst i hunted for the torch. lurking through the house at night after a 7.1 earth quake with aftershocks active, is obviously NOT the best feeling, however i managed to find the torch and my dad lite the candles and we had light!

5:15 4th september 2010

we were all down in the kitchen, ( i know you think thats crazy with all the plates and everything, but the kitchen in our home is the sturdiest place in our house) me and my brother were freezing, so i went and retrieved the bean bags and some blankets and the chess board. i tried to make the game distract me from the many differnet thoughts gushing though my head, were my family okay? how big was the earthquake? whats the city like?

7:00 4th september 2010

when dawn broke we managed to get hold of my grandparnts, not good news. their house had literally split it two! it is uninhabital and half of it had to be condemed, which was a real shame. me and my dad then went and inspected the rest of the house, suprisingly not much damage, just a few cracks in the ceiling and broken vases, thank god the t.v and the computer are okay.

11:15 4th september 2010

power eventually restored at around 11:15 which was good, we could watch the one news special on the earthquake, and it pretty much answered my question about the city, it was TRASHED!!!