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Book Report

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by Angela

this non-fiction book is a heart warming story.crystal peaks youth ranch is owned by kim and troy meeder who have rescued abused and neglected horses and have paired them up with abused and neglected children,child and horse form a bond like no other they become one,at crystal peaks ranch hope rises.

This nonprofit organization rescues neglected and abused horses and pairs them with at-risk children like a little girl that had been bulied at school and they pushed her to the ground through mud on her then they wouldhave a compotion on who could call her the best name then eventually they took a pin an carved it on her back. Or when this little boy had got beaten badly and he went up to this little pony and the pony rapped his neck around this little boys body as if giving him a hug and the boy smiled and that was the first time they had seen him smile in a long time.but the one that really got to me was this buatiful mare she was in foal and had been starved they took her in and had tryed to nurse her back to health but it was to much for the mare she had fallen on the ground and they dried to get her up but she was so skinny and her skin was so fragil as they pushed to try and get her up the skin would break under pressure she had cuts everywere but eventually they called the vet and he put her down,the buatiful silver mare and her foal had died.

the care of kim meeder and troy meeder has given alot of horses and children comfort,love,faith,peace and hope something that these kids and animal have been seeking for they have given.and i think the message is from this book is that you dont need to buy a fancy horse or pony because you can find and save neglected horses and ponies that have alot more heart as any other horse or pony,and when someone is in need of something or a sholder to lean on or even just someone to talk to dont be afraid to help someone else in time of need.

my opinion is that it is a very good book it gets to you and i found it hard to put the book down and stop reading.there are a few complicated word but otherwise it is very informative and has great senance structure.

i recomend this book for ages 11 and up and i would rate this book 10/10.

Sounds like a book with a message that we could all benefit from. You have written a very informative book report. Spending some more time editing for capital letters would have helped improve it further. A very interesting opening paragraph. Mr E