Book Report by Abbey dart

TWILIGHT is the first book in the series of the Twilight saga, a number one best seller, by Stefanie Meyer. The characters in this book are named Edward Cullen, Isabella Swan, Jacob Black Carsile Cullen, Alice Cullen, Rosalie, Emett and Jasper Cullen. The story is set in a small town on the borders of Washinton, the town is named Forks. Bella Swan is a new student starting at a new high school, she meets the mysteriuos Edward cullen, whom is the step brother to Alice, Rosalie, Emett and jasper Cullen. with their ice cold, white skin, eyes that change color and an exeptional beauty, Bella is intreged. Bella's one and only friend, Jacob black, who has dark tanned skin, long black hair and deep dark eyes has been bella best friend since childhood. when one day he speaks of a legend of mysterious creatures named "the cold ones" bella imediatley is shocked.

Bella returns home and discovers Edward and his "family" are actually Vampires. the next day Edward admitts to Bellas theory and promises her he would never hurt her, he says that they only drink animals blood and would dare not hurt a human. Bella trusts Edward with all her heart, and trusts that, because Carsile, (Edwards step father) is a doctor at the local hostpital in Forks, they could cope with her being around them.

later in the book, Bella and Edward fall in love and are destined for each other... or are they? As Bella and Edward grow closer, is Bella pushing jacob away?
I think that in this book, the main three charactors (Bella, Edward and Jacob) Show different characteristics, Bella shows that she is a mature 17 year old and can cope with anything, she is very, very stuborn! Edward is a calm, patient charactor who shows a great amount of responsibility throughout the series. Jacob is a young quick learner, who has some paitents but gets bored easly. I recomend this book for year 7-8's and up ONLY! It is not for younger readers. the books are for girls and boys, mostly girls, but some boys may like them.

I hope you read these books and enjoy them as much as i did.

I thought it was a good explanation of the book it made me want to read more you did a good job.charlotte
hey adhippey love ur report on twilight explains book really well although you should have described jacob ALOT better read my fav's on my page to see how to discribe him better xoxo ttyl ppineapplelove bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye ha ha (evil laugh) my comment way beats charlottes SHAME CHARLOTTE :P

I have heard lots of people talking about these books but I never really knew what they were about until now. You have shown us a lot of insight into the characters and their personalities. You are using some interesting vocabulary in your writing, keep it up. Mr E thanks Mr. E for the Awesome coment! :)

hey abbey your book report is really good you obviously payed alot of attention to the books i didnt realy i was just focused on getting to the end by the way you did describe jacob really well pia was wrong she didnt describe him better on her page. I also liked how u used the word edward lots in your report unlike pia MY COMMENT WAY BEATS PIAS!!!!! ha shame pia and shame charrlotte( ellie)

no my comment is way better even i havent sa aid anything but it still is so shame charlotte ellie and especially pia! maya1 :)) hey ppl, thx for the comments!!! lol they r relly funny like u guys! :) plz keep it up and add as many as possible! hahahah!