book report

hi! this is ADhippeys page!!!
! it is a bit boring but who cares?

please check out my book report (above) on TWILIGHT series. tell me what u think and
leave a comment!!! thanks, (ps. i know my page is really boring but it doesn't let me make it cool!)

ADhippeyhi abbey,its caleb, dont listen to niamh!!!! go onto google images and copy and paste lots of images you actually want on your page, and go onto link and you can create a tone more cool new pages, (but yes going onto file is another option)

ahhhhhhhh hey abbs pia here i loved byron bay soooooo much and to top it off guess who i met, hugged and talked to at the brisbane airport visit my page asap to find out who !!!! love u ttyl xoxo

if u can help me make this page look cool plz let me know and note me! coz at the moment it looks horrible!!!!
thanx! ADhippey xoxo

Check out your discussion,I've told how to make your page cool =)nh117

hey abbey go on to file and get some cool pictures for your page to make it look better and i was goonna do my book report on the twilight series!!!(ellie)
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