Little darlings by Jacqueline Wilson

Book Report



Little Darlings is a great book by the Jacqueline Wilson . It is a humour, fiction and adventure book . The main people in the book are Sunset and Destiny. The story takes place in a small town and also in the city.

The main part of the story is that Destiny finds her dad. The events are Destiny goes to her dads show and it all goes wrong Sunset Destiny's step sister has a hard life and no one listens to her. Sunset stands up for her other sister sweetie at the park when big kids are being mean.Destuney does a school consert and comes first.

This book is about freindship and caring for others . I learnt that people can live really differently. I think that Jacqueline Wilson was trying to tell people that you can have a good friendship with someone a long way a way.

This is my favourit book because it malks you whant to find out more and its esey to read becase of the big print . I think ages 8 to 12 could read this

If you like Jacquline Wilson books than you sould like this. Girls will proboly like this better than boys.

This is a great book report that doesn't give away the plot. You could work on vocabulary and spelling.

I am definitley going to think about reading this book now by GBOrange4

Hi Alice its Charlotte i am just leaving a comment your book report was good but very simple i think i would like to read this book now thanks. by charlotte

i read that book it was really cool and interesting bey!!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoooxoxoxoxxoxooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx