Best of luck faminers! Keep us updated here.
Hey it GChizzle here my friends and i are sleeping in a tent eating only rice, juice and barley sugars for 20 hours. I think we should all be getting involved in some way do it with your friends we did it last year and had alot of fun especially knowing that the money we raised would be going to a good cause.

Hi It's ESttfn I have a question, On the form we were given it said the non-eating famine was only 20 hrs so apparently everything else was only 20 hrs. But some people told me it was only the food one that was 20 and everything else could be 40. Does anyone know if you can actually do 4o hrs?

hey its KBbakery and AMazing1 we are doing the 40 hour famine.In a caravan first 20hours without food.yes you can do 40 hours but not for food.

MMSmiley here.I did the no food(2o hrs) and techno(4o hrs) famine.It was alot harder than u dink, and I spent the whole time readin bcuz the weather was bad and dere wasn't anyding entataining to do.I got through 2 books!!!(BOOKWORM!)=)But i raised over $1oo!!!

Hey! It's BTheblusun...I must agree with GChizzle... the 40hour famine is THE BEST! It's quite a challenge and really fun especially if you do it with a bunch of friends... my goal is to raise over $50... because then you get the pencil case! hehe but it'goes to a really good cause so I recommend it! Especially if you're doing the tent/card board box one!

Hey its bSlo im doing the 40 hour famine with EJellay we're doing the theme famine... living in a tent and eating only rice and juice
last year i did no talking and it was really really hard but i raised over $100 and it was really worth it!!!

Keep up the great work faminers! It is for such a worthy cause. Mr E

Hiii! its JLTTYL here just wanted to say my friends and i had LOADS of fun livin in a box in the weekend! i raised about $60 so far and if u didnt do it this year u SOOOOO should next year!!!!

HI its esttfn the 40 hr famine this year was awsome! It was soooooooo much fun! I guess you just sorta get used to rice after a while!
Hi da 40 hr famine was at (please use pseudonyms) and it was da bombl! we had heaps of food in da morning(pancakes of corse) because we started at 1:00pm and finnished at 9:00am!!!! (-: from EJ$$$$7$2

HI MJDJ here i did the 20 hour famine with the non talking i dint quite succeed! im telling you dont do that one it os soooooooo hard if you are a chatter box like me! and you dont grt a chance to yell at your brothes and sisters!!!!!!!

HI EVERY ONE DO NOT DO THE NO TALKING WITH FRENDS IT FUN BUT TO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone, i just finished the no food famine, it was really hard, my family had fish and chips for dinner to taunt me, it was really horrible, but i got there in the end, it's lots of fun though! CSUPER