book report 2011


by Brian Falkner

age group:12 +

"It has something to do with the book' Luke said slowly"Leonardos river.
It all seams to hinge on this book.'
"so what was your news?''Tommy asked.
"These werewolves,'Luke said with a dry mouth."Mueller and his Neo-Nazi terrorists,
They've got a Nuclear bomb."

The year is 2008, and luke and tommy have uncoverd a plot, a plot to change history
so dramaticly , that the nazis will win wwII, and the world will be turned into a nuclear
wastland. Only tommy and luke know this, they are the only ones that can save mankind.
THE PROJECT is the third book by author Brian Falkner,
it is a fast paced adventure featuring best friends Tommy and Luke,
who have a reputation for causing trouble